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. . . The system will do everything that Certified Travel claims it will do . . . Headquarters definitely provides the needed support . . . The personnel at Certified Travel have been very helpful in many situations where I have become stuck and they have done it very professionally . . . I have had to use the after hours support a few times to get some tickets ticketed and have always received a phone call back or help that I needed . . . If a person is booking a lot of cruises or vacation packages, that is where you make the most money.

Shannon M. Zutz
Collins, WI


Selling Vacation Packages

Selling vacation packages is easy - the brochures do the selling for you.  And, here's the best part - all of your brochures are provided free in the quantities you request - from hundreds of different tour operators with vacation packages to practically any destination in the world.

Some people think tours and vacation packages are overly regimented or lack adventure or sophistication. The fact is they encompass a tremendous spectrum of tastes, interests and travel styles -- from a multi-country tour to a wine-tasting tour of a particular region to an adventure combining cruising and land-touring. In short, tours and vacation packages are as varied and individual as the millions of Americans who purchase them from travel agencies each year for travel in the U.S. and throughout the world.

Tours and vacation packages offer many important benefits. Key among these is savings. By contracting in bulk for air transportation, accommodations, ground transportation, sightseeing tours, meals and other services, tour operators achieve substantial economies. The resulting savings from this volume purchasing are passed on to the traveler.

As a well-equipped and trained travel agency owner, you will be ready to get your share of  the business generated by the millions of Americans who buy vacation packages from travel agents each year.

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